Debit card charges from May 2015

The European Commission has recently begun to regulate consumer interchange fees across Europe. In recognition of the impending regulation, VISA decided to adjust its charging structure, from a fixed fee per transaction to a percentage-based model for debit cards, from March 2015.  The net effect is that low value retailers (such as pubs / supermarkets) will pay significantly less in fees, but the likes of City Forex, with higher transaction values will pay considerably more.  We have therefore decided to absorb most of this cost and to pass on some of this cost to our customers as follows :

Debit card transactions will incur a 40p charge where the order value is less than £500

Debit card transactions will incur no charge where the order value is greater than £500

Please see for more information from VISA or if you have any other questions please call us on 0207 6210090 / ask at the bureau counter.

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